Probate and Trust Administration

The loss of a beloved family member, spouse, or parent can be devastating and debilitating. If you have recently lost a loved one, we offer our sincerest condolences.

We at the Sheffield Law Office know all too well the difficulties of dealing with loss, and we are here to help you handle the often confusing and intimidating process of probate and trust administration. Making significant financial and legal decisions while you are mourning loss can be burdensome and stressful. This is where we come in.

Attorney Ray Sheffield is an experienced San Jose probate and trust administration attorney, and it is our goal to bring you peace of mind knowing that we will compassionately and efficiently handle your loved one’s estate issues. Mr. Sheffield’s prior experience as a pastor gives him the insight and wisdom to help you through this time of grieving.

Among the services our probate and trust administration firm provides are :

• Providing advice regarding the terms of the descent’s will and trusts
• Advising trustees as to their duties and any applicable laws
• Preparing and filing all necessary Probate Court filings
• Representing clients in all Probate and Tax Court proceedings
• Postmortem planning, including effective use of tax elections and disclaimers
• Income tax planning for the estate
• Advising of any challenges to the decedent’s will or trust
• Advising of any disputes among estate beneficiaries or between beneficiaries and the executor
• Providing advise regarding the impact of international tax treaties on estate property
• Postmortem planning from non-U.S. citizens spouses
• Reviewing all federal and estate tax returns
• Reviewing all federal and state fiduciary income tax returns