Creative Solutions For Our Clients

In today’s world, people at retirement age are living longer, dealing with broad uncertainty in economic sector and in government benefits, and often enjoying less traditional lifestyles than previous generations. As a result, new questions are constantly raised in the arena of estate planning, charitable donations, trusts, and retirement benefits.

A one-size-fits-all approach to modern estate planning simply will not work. To serve each client’s unique needs, a competent estate planning advisor must be knowledgeable in a broad range of issues, including tax, retirement benefits, charitable donations, insurance, trust, and estate planning. The Sheffield Law Office brings a diverse background, substantial experience, a values oriented approach to estate planning issues for our clients, as well as for tax professionals and financial advisors seeking solutions for their own clients.

A Financial Future That Fits Your Goals

We offer our clients a counselling-focused approach to estate planning issues. This means, first and foremost, that we listen. We know that each client has unique circumstances and concerns, and it is our first and highest priority to ensure that every solution we offer is tailored to the client’s particular situation and needs. We will work with you to understand your goals, and discuss your options to meet those goals. Having worked as an insurance agent and stockbroker, the firm’s founder,
Raymond Sheffield, is familiar with the business decisions – and the interpersonal dynamics – that go into developing a sound estate plan and a secure future for you. Our Firm emphasizes clarity and straightforward communication to ascertain and fulfill your needs.

As thought leaders in the estate planning field, we work creatively on behalf of our clients.Gifts to grandchildren and special needs trusts, subtle distinctions for domestic partnerships, and issues surrounding non-citizen estate planning all raise potentially complicated questions. These and many other issues call for an innovative approach.

We put our cutting-edge knowledge to work, creating customized solutions to whatever problems you face.

Raymond Sheffield, founder of the Sheffield Law Office, is a well-known speaker on tax and estate planning issues. Staying up-to-date on complex estate, trust, tax and retirement issues can be difficult, but is essential to providing quality financial advice and customer service. Our firm offers individualized advice to financial professionals on specific estate planning issues, as well as educational seminars on selected topics or tailored to the needs of CPAs, Enrolled Agents, Certified Financial Planners, Life Insurance Agents, and other financial professionals.

We have only one interest: the best interests of our clients. We will not talk down to you, disregard your concerns, or shoehorn you into generic plan that ignores your individual needs. Our office will work diligently to accurately assess your needs and objectives, and then meet – and-exceed-those objectives. We use our experience, solid client relationships, and our counselling-oriented approach to develop a plan for the future that suits your vision, on your terms. Contact our office today to begin shaping a financial future that fits your goals.