Posted on August 1, 2011

Many of the advisor’s we work with have asked us to blog about marketing issues.

Of course, they don’t put it quite like that. They ask questions on how to take care of clients, how to get new clients, and how to network. They want to know why we did our Boot Camps and were they successful for us. Others wonder about internet marketing, blogs, and social media opportunities.

Marketing Monday will be a regular column on this blog designed to flesh out some of these questions. Hopefully we can provide some answers. Or, at a minimum, some food for thought.

Do not expect life changing secrets. In fact, most things we will write about may be well known to many of you. However, they do provide thoughtful reminders to all of us that without Client’s we do not have a business. If we can’t take care of them, and provide them with meaningful service, then what are we doing?

I know very few CPA’s, Enrolled Agents, and Financial Planners who don’t genuinely care for their client’s well being. Many have known their client’s for a very long time. They try their best to protect their client’s from harm. When one of them is hurting, they hurt too.

Together, let’s see if we can improve the service we provide to our clients. And hopefully find a few more as well.

Look for Marketing Monday every Monday on our blog: San Jose Estate Planning Attorney Blog